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Laura Dilettante is a one woman traveling music show that has developed over years of traveling and performing in Europe, South and North America. 

She plays original songs, old jazz tunes, cabaret songs and unusual cover versions on the piano, the accordion and the ukulele.  

Foremost she is a singer and storyteller.  
Someone nice once wrote:  

„Laura Dilettante is a bit nuts and very charming.“

...small venues, big venues, market squares,
prime time and off grid, 
theatre festivals and fairs, 
art markets and gallery openings, 
hippie lovefests and corporate events,
weddings, birthdays and divorce parties...

Laura Dilettantes beautiful little stage, 

the Palais Ambulante,

 will transform any space into a theatre.



Laura Dilettante was born in Hamburg and grew up moving house with her family every couple of years.

Spending her formative years in the U.S., she grew up bilingual and now performs her show and writes her songs in German and English.

Laura Dilettante is a professional musician and she has been living off this profession for over 15 years.

She studied at the Conservatory in Arnem NL.